1. Why the number of road accidents always escalates? There are policies and rules, and our internal trainers as well as our system are in place.

  • Driving is not a simple task, it requires;
  • Commitment, leadership, proper training, controlling and continuous improvemen    


2. Why defensive driving is crucial ?

  • Driving is a regular basis activity for modern society.
  • The number of road accidents is very high compares to other causes of death.
  • The lack of law enforcement, and awareness towards risk and danger.
  • This concerns lives, property, reputation, investment, etc.


3. People often have thoughts; “I am driving when off duty, thus when I got involved in accident, it is my own responsibility to accept the consequences. Not others”.

  • It is fine, as long as there is not impact to others (road users, your family, company reputation, moral, etc.)


4. People who have not a vehicle and driver are the 3rd party when got involved in the road accident, and covered by insurance. They tend to have not liability in participating defensive driving training.

  • Do you concern about others lives? Family, friends, and mainly your own life.
  • What about the time you have wasted caused by the accident? for instance; you have missed an appointment, does it has an impact to your investment ?


5. I have been driving for quite long, and my hobby is automotivecs, and I have skills. Do I need defensive driving training?

Yes absolutely you do, defensive driving is not a contest. It consists;

  • Defensive driving is the way to prevents pointless loss,
  • It is about how you get back home safely,
  • It is the behavior development training, is about changing mindset.


6. Some may think that training, consulting, and driving audit is too expensive.

It expensive compares to what?? Training is not a pointless cost it is a paramount investment.


7. Why should training need to be repeated ?

Developing a new habit cannot be done in overnight, it takes time and practice to implement new habits to becomes a defensive behavior.


8. Why Jakarta Defensive Driving Consulting (JDDC)?

  • We are the experts and pioneer in Indonesia, moreover the Founder has been in the business since 1984. Our services include: Consulting on management & training (Driving and Riding)
  • Our team consists of professionals in the area of safety expertise and driving training. They have experienced working for many multinational and national companies, and have conducted such training both domestic and overseas.

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